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Hi, I’m Holly, your
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The Truth is, all your problems have the same route cause

There’s something missing in your Current Marketing Strategy that is letting you down.

Many Business Owners like yourself have been sold an inaccurate idea of what Digital Marketing is.

It’s not about investing in Paid Advertising.

It’s not about hiring a general Digital Marketer who doesn’t understand how Recruitment or HR works.

It’s not about using AI hoping it’ll work their magic for you.

It’s about having a strong Core Organic Marketing Strategy made for your Business Needs

“Digital Marketing is Too Complicated. Where
Do I Even Start?!”

Simple. We start with Understanding the 7 Pillars of Organic Digital Marketing


Your Positioning in the Market needs to be clear for just two parties – you and your target market.

By figuring our your WHO, WHAT, WHY, we can translate this message into your copywriting, your business profiles, websites, and any other forms of social presence. From there, everyone will know exactly why you’re
THE go-to expert.


Marketing needs Sales. Sales needs Marketing. However, they’re two very different beasts that needs very different strategies.

Marketing turns Prospects into Leads, and Sales turn Leads into Clients.

Purpose & Positioning makes it clear to your prospects what you do, but Sales Systems convert through Value-Driven decisions from your audience.


Cold Calling is in the past.

Direct Marketing is not just about connecting and talking with an audience, it needs to be the right audience.

You need to connect with people who are going to be interested in your offer, but your conversations have to be purpose-driven, target-focused, and personal.
This is a delicate balance that can be easily ruined if you’re not careful.


Content is easy to make, but even easier to ignore.

With LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok it can be hard to know what platform to use to reach your audience, and even harder to know what exactly you should say.

Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of relying on AI tools to write all of your content. High quality content is all about your Knowledge, your Expertise, & your Solutions.


Having your Online Presence and your Direct & Attraction Marketing all working for you is one thing, but it’s another battle getting loyal Referral Partners who will bring in a consistent line of clients for you.

But this is so achievable.

By simply creating a two-way partnership with a non-competitive expert in an industry relative to yours, you can get a steady stream of warm referrals into your business. All we need to do is figure out what the best two-way partnership looks for you and your potential referral partners in your industry.


Stop hiding behind your business.

You ARE the Business!

Yes, Personal Branding is about the look of your brand, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s about what you can offer to your clients that others may not be able to. It’s about how you use your personal experience, your personal touch, and your personal expertise to help your target market with their industry-specific problems. We just need to translate this into your online presence and beyond.


Most Business Owners will say that they simply don’t have time for Marketing. However, the most successful companies invest the most amount of time and effort into their marketing.

While you should outsource certain tasks to someone more capable or more suitable (because let’s face it, we don’t love 100% of the business tasks we need to do), you will always need to be at the center of the Business – including your Marketing.

So, if you can figure out what tasks you can outsource so you can focus on driving your business, it’s a win-win!

Want To Standout From The Competition?

Get in in front of your Brand & Business and create a solid Content Marketing Strategy with this Step-By-Step Content Creation Guide.

Stay Consistent, Clear, & Creative.

Need To Check the Health of your Marketing?

Make sure that your Digital Marketing Strategy is as strong as it can be, so you can make you digital marketing work as hard as you do.

Stay ahead of the game.

Ready to Take Control of Your Marketing?

Case Studies

Adam Walsh – Bizualize

Adam and I worked together over 7 weeks figuring out his purpose, positioning, content strategy, and more all over 7 weeks and had a huge breakthrough!

Kate Flippence – Align Recruitment Solutions

Kate and I worked extensively on her Purpose & Positioning and Direct Marketing & had over 50 New Clients within 12 months!

Bobby Semple – Simplified Recruitment Solutions

Bobby and I worked had a huge breakthrough with his Marketing Strategy and Direct Outreaching Strategy, working across different industries over several months.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

If you’re Struggling with getting a Consistent Stream of Clients, Standing Out in your Target Market, or Knowing Where to Start with Marketing, you Don’t need to invest in Finnicky Ads, Software, or Tech. This is all you need.

Organic Marketing Strategies for Your Target Audience

One size does not fit all with digital marketing. You can’t just copy the marketing efforts of a successful business and expect it to work just because it does for another business. You need a strategy made for you, that meets your capacity, and you can manage and control without getting overwhelmed.

A Digital Marketing Coach Whose An Expert in your Niche

You wouldn’t go to the dentist for a haircut, so why go to a general digital marketer who isn’t well versed in your industry? If you’re in Recruitment or HR and looking for digital marketing, book a call today.

Unlocking Your Potential

If you’re struggling with any of the struggles I’ve mentioned, you haven’t unlocked your full potential. Let’s figure out what’s missing so we can get you the traffic that you deserve.

Don’t Take My Word For It – Here’s what my clients had to say

Kate Flippence

Align Recruitment Solutions

“Working with Holly has been amazing, it has really turned my business around. Before I started working with Holly it was always a constant struggle to find the time to develop marketing content and concepts and generate flowing conversation with my connections. I have seen a huge increase in the number of connections and increase conversations leading to new clients since I have been working with Holly.”

Bobby Semple

Simplified Recruitment Solutions

Working with Holly was really eye-opening because of the detail she went into about the LinkedIn profile and working out the target market and what we should say in the messaging. Even though I had already done that myself, having someone who is an expert in how to communicate to businesses and what they want to see and hear, it speaks for itself really.

Emily Bukhari

Bukhari Consulting

“Holly’s genuine and honest approach to marketing is refreshing and has helped me to ENJOY marketing my business again. She has helped me to find the “soul” of my business, stop trying to follow corporate marketing tactics and bring both my own and my business’ personality out in my posts. Since being mentored by Holly, I’ve made more GENUINE business connections than ever before and I’ve felt at ease through the business cycle because I haven’t needed to “pretend” to sell my services.

Adam Walsh


“I worked with Holly on my marketing strategy and wanted to give her a shout out for an amazing experience. Holly helped me to work through the process of understanding who I wanted to serve, which is often the hardest part for a business. She also provided me with a very strong foundation that now serves as a core part of the way I connect with people on LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media platform.”

Anna Thellmann

Thellmann Enterprise Management Consulting

“I’ve just finished working with Holly and I’m sad – not only because she has a great personality, explained “marketing things” until I fully understood them, but mostly because she challenged me.
As a business owner you have to make so many decisions and I enjoyed reflecting on my decisions with her and because of that that I evaluated my marketing strategy through a new, sharper lens.
My marketing strategy is now clear and focused.

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